Vibrating Bar

The Vibrating Bar is a handy instrument for analyzing transmission of sound waves. A basic and extremely handy instrument, it is ideal for demonstrating elementary wave propagation principles.


A highly useful device for demonstrating the relationship between frequency, tension, length and the mass per unit length of a string. Our Sonometer is made from specially cured soft-wood to ensure that the standing wave pattern can be easily observed and hence accurate results can be derived from using the apparatus each time.

Resonance Apparatus

Resonance forms an integral part of most engineering curriculum. Its importance cannot be understated since it finds applications across a wide range of spheres. Our Resonance Apparatus is highly popular among the users as not only is it easy to use, but also ensures accurate results through special attention given to minor details such as proper sealing provision in the tube and leveling screws at the base.

Melde’s Apparatus

The Melde’s experiment goes a long way in explain the behavior of the standing waves. Since this concept finds wide applications in the field of acoustics, it forms an integral part of most curriculum. The modular nature of our Melde’s Apparatus ensures it is easy to use while ensuring reliable and accurate results with every use.

Tuning Fork

The tuning fork is an acoustic resonator in the form of a two-pronged fork forming a U-shaped bar. This pitch depends on the length and mass of the two prongs. Our tuning forks are accurately designed to vibrate at a fixed frequency with high degree of accuracy.

Electrical Vibrator

The Electrical Vibrator is an ideal instrument for measuring capacity of condensers and frequency of A.C. mains. We use durable material in the construction of our Electrical Vibrators which ensure they have a long useful life delivering accurate results with every performance.

Electrically Maintained Tuning Fork

The Electrically maintained Tuning Fork is an ideal device for analysing standing wave patterns. It proves highly efficient in measurement of frequency in Melde’s experiment due to its stable frequency performance. Our tuning fork has extremely stable and accurate performance characteristics due to the uniform cross-section of the prongs and stable excitation coil.