Nodal Slide Assembly

A Nodal Slide Assembly is a combination of optical instruments which are used together to determine the cardinal points of a lens, or combination of lenses. Since this forms the very basis of Optics, it is included in most curriculums. Our Nodal Slide Assembly is engineered to deliver a smooth motion on each of the carriages which ensures accurate results.

Bi-Prism Assembly

The Bi-Prism assembly is widely used in the laboratories for determining the wavelength of light sources. The assembly is modular in design which lends great flexibility in its use. High quality of components ensures accurate results with every use.

Newton’s Rings Microscope, Compact Form

A compact instrument containing all the optical accessories for conducting the Newton’s Ring experiment, our microscope is specifically designed for laboratory use. With top grade optics and precise machining, our Newton’s Ring Microscope is ideal for determining wavelength of sodium light by measuring Newton’s ring diameter.


A polaroid is an optical filter that allows only light of specific polarization to pass through. Hence, it is an effective instrument to convert an unpolarised wave of light to a polarized one. Our Polaroids, supplied as a pair, can be effectively used to polarize a wave of light and analyse the angle of polarization to a high level of accuracy and precision.

Astronomical Telescope

This is an effective laboratory instrument for demonstrating the working of an astronomical telescope. Special care is given to the quality of the objectives used in the instrument to ensure that sharp and clear images are observed and hence aid the learning of the user.

Newton’s Ring Apparatus

The Newton's Rings Apparatus us essential for conducting the experiment. We have given special care to the design so that there is sufficient phase difference between incident and reflected light and hence interference fringes, or Newton's Rings are visible. The apparatus is stable which is of utmost important in this experiment.

Travelling Microscope, Bridge Form (Newton’s Rings Microscope)

Specially designed for conducting the Newton's Rings experiment, this microscope is ideal for laboratory use as it gives the user flexibility to conveniently maneuver the instrument. The heavy base of the instrument makes it extremely stable and helps in recording accurate readings without disturbing the plano-convex lens assembly.

Travelling Microscope, Three-Motion (X, Y & Z Axis)

This travelling microscope is ideal for use when a broad range of motion is desired. High quality optics are used in the construction of this equipment, and the fine motions incorporated ensures smooth and accurate readings significantly minimizing back-lash error.

Travelling Microscope, H & V Motion

The travelling microscope is vital in most optical experiments. Our travelling microscope has high quality objectives to ensure clear viewing. Special care is given to the machining of the unit to ensure smooth motion ensuring accurate readings.

Polarizer & Analyzer

An effective instrument to aid in studying various properties of various light sources. The two identical units have high grade polaroid sheets which help in converting unpolarised light to a coherent, polarized light source.


The spectrometer is an extremely efficient instrument to study the spectrum of light sources. Our spectrometers are well-known in the industry for their high level of accuracy. Superior quality optics are used in the construction of the equipment which yields accurate results with every use.

Universal Cathetometer (L-Shaped)

An efficient instrument used for accurate measurement of minute differences in vertical plane. Our Universal Cathetometer, which extends its application in in both horizontal and vertical planes, has high quality optics and top grade manufacturing. Hence it’s no surprise that users appreciate our product for the clear images and precise results they achieve.