Self & Mutual Inductance Coil

Self & Mutual Inductance is a very intriguing concept in magnetism and one which naturally finds interest in most students. This apparatus is perfectly designed to demonstrate the subject by making it easy for students to work with and get measurable results while changing with different variables.

Self Inductance Coil

The Self Inductance Coil lays the foundation of for understanding Inductance which forms an important part of most curriculums. The coil is designed to give measurable changes in emf for a small variation in current flowing through the coil.

Bar Magnets

These small magnets are handy for general laboratory use. They generate a small magnetic field over a very finite area.


Our electromagnets are perfectly suited to deliver precise amount of magnetic field. The adjustable pole pieces allows significant flexibility to control the magnetic field and the joint-less yoke ensure that the flux flows freely through without any losses.

Vertical Pillar Electromagnet

This magnet is ideal for generating low intensity fields. This compact instrument is usually used in testing small samples.

Solenoid Inductor

A solenoid is a coil wound into a tightly packed helix. We give special consideration to our solenoids to ensure that the magnetic field generated is stable and uniform which make them highly reliable.

Earth Inuductor

This instrument determines directions using the principle of electromagnetic induction. Due care has been given in the construction of this instrument to effectively combine ease of use and accuracy of results in every use.

Compass Needle

An age-old basic apparatus used to measure the 'Magnetic North'. The frinctionless motion ensures that the needle always points in the right direction.

Dip Circle

The Dip Circle is an effective instrument to determine the inclination of earth's magnetic field. While the construction is simple, due care has been given to choice of materials used and motion of the needle to ensure accurate results with every use.

Compass Box

The compass box is the most basic apparatus required to study magnetism. Our compass box is highly accurate due to the great care given to the pivot motion. The arrangement ensures that the compass points in the accurate direction without any energy loss in friction.

Vibration Magnetometer

The vibrating magnetometer is an effective instrument to measure earth's magnetic moment. Our simple construction makes it easy for students to use the instrument and help gain practical understanding of the concept.

Deflection Magnetometer

Magnetometers are basic instruments to determine the strength and direction of a magnetic field. Our magnetometers have stood the test of time due to its simple construction and efficient design which makes them easy for educationists and students to work with.