Optical Bread Board (Honeycomb)

Our optical breadboards can be directly placed on top of a table which makes them very convenient to use. They are ideal for developing optical models. Working with the breadboards gives students great exposure in optics.

Laser Slit Demo Kit

This kit is ideally suited to help students develop a proper understanding of diffraction in a laser beam when passed through different media. Working with a large number of objects helps students develop a comprehensive understanding.

Laser Grating

Diffraction pattern of a laser beam depends on the nature of the diffracting medium. Our laser grating helps students analyze different diffraction patterns as it has three windows of different lines per inch.

Diode Laser

Diode lasers have fast replaced other forms of lasers due to their high performance and lower cost. Our Diode lasers have a long life and have consistently received excellent reviews from everyone who has used them.

Helium-Neon Laser

Our red Helium-Neon lasers are well-known for their performance. The high quality laser tube used ensures the equipment has a long life and yields coherent results with every use.