Lab Fittings & General Apparatus

Gas Tap

Ideal for use in laboratories which which use gas as fuel to heat specimens.

Water Tap

An efficient water dispenser. Multiple dispensers allow simultaneous use.

Tool Chest

A handy accessory in the lab. Covers most of the basic tools you would require for ad-hoc jobs in your laboratory.

Bunsen Burner

This is a common piece of laboratory equipment that produces a single open gas flame. It can work with any gas supply. Durable construction ensures a long usage-life.

Rubber Tubing

Very useful accessory in thermal experiments in transporting substances at high temperatures. Highly recommended for safety.

Spirit Level

A simple instrument to measure the flatness of a surface which has stood the test of time. A highly recommended accessory in experiments which are sensitive to surface flatness.

Universal Clamps

A general laboratory accessory. It is usually used along with a Retort Stand to hold samples. Efficient design, durable and easy to use.

Retort Stand

A common feature in most laboratories. Clamps can be attached to this stand to hold samples of various sizes. Different sizes of stands are available to provide adequate stability according depending on usage.