Balance & Weights

Fractional Weights

These weights come very handy when measuring small masses. Ideal for use with Physical / Analytical Balances.

Loose Weights

Spare weights, used when measuring odd masses.

Analytical Weight Box

Ideal for weighing small masses, these weights are designed for use with Physical / Analytical Balances due to their high sensitivity.

Physical Weight Box

These weights are ideal for weighing masses using the Physical / Analytical Balance. These carefully adjusted weights are adjusted to a high accuracy and supplied with accessories which make them easy to use, and store when not in use.

Electronic Top Pan Balance

These weighing balances have short response times and deliver accurate results which make them ideal for quick measurements. They are durable and delivery reliable performance over the course of their life.

Analytical Balance

This mechanical balance is specifically designed to measure the gravitational mass of small loads to a very high degree of precision. It is ideal for laboratories which value high level of accuracy.

Physical Balance

This is a highly accurate mechanical balance. Its simple construction allows the user to accurately determine the gravitational mass of the test object.

Slotted Weights and Hanger

These are useful laboratory accessories wherever load application is required.