About Us

NISCO™ is a brand which has a strong legacy and is synonymous with quality and customer service. We are passionate about what we do and this reflects in the quality of our instruments. We have periodically leveraged our manufacturing expertise and extensive networks in the industry to introduce new products.

We are the leading scientific equipment manufacturer and distributor for education, research and industry. Established in 1947, we have grown from strength to strength over our long history. Our experience helps us understand our clients’ requirements and provide them with optimal solutions.

The NISCO™ way of doing business is a perfect blend between family values and institutional systems. With the third generation of the family in the business, the company runs like a well-oiled machine effectively combining strong ethos and consistency of an institution with a warm familial touch. Result, our Clients think of us not as suppliers, but as their partners for their laboratory requirements. This is why most of our clients have consistently trusted us over a number of years. You can either see our complete range of Products here or download our Catalogue. Use the Contact Us page for any inquiries or additional information.